【MAD】Naruto Shippuuden Opening 14 HD [Sword Art Online] | Naruto Shippuden Videos

【MAD】Naruto Shippuuden Opening 14 HD [Sword Art Online]

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Watch in HD !!! My new Opening hope you like it ^^ “Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for pu…


Blues4173 says:


Chrisiscdc says:

Danke :D

DasAssi89 says:

wieder mal eine meisterleistung! weiter so! ^^

Chrisiscdc says:

thank you ^^

marcos32123 says:

No is Sao, But Is Perfect /._./ Goob Job Men. Wait you Next MAD

natanael26382408s says:

Very welll

Anime25jpPrince says:

wkwkwkwk good epic

MadGenerationStudio says:

We already judge all all opening except ErkanEspada and Chrisiscd but the 2 op was pretty good but unable to compare to the top 5 so I’ll give exception this time. u 2 will be able to get to madgeneration along with the top 10 (top 12) because this 2 op at the level of top 10. I’ll add you 2 to madgen member after the result out.

IAgreeMr says:

omg i love this!!! looks so real!

xMuTaTioNx1 says:

no problem u deserve it ^_^

Chrisiscdc says:

thanks man :D

xMuTaTioNx1 says:

if this was real it would be one of my favorite openings, but its still epic

Chrisiscdc says:

thanks ^^

FallenMonlightStudio says:

good work :O

HirukotUzumaki says:


Sarah Roman says:

Oh god. That was soooo good xD epicness indeed

Chrisiscdc says:

crossing field male version ^^

xunlimitsx says:

Nombre de la cancion porfavor D:

Chrisiscdc says:

danke :D

AnimeworldGER says:

Wie geil hast du das mal wieder hinbekommen :D

Gibt ein Daumen hoch ^^

Chrisiscdc says:

hahaha sry and thanks :D

MADKapo10 says:

f*ck! I was about to make a Naruto Shipuuden MAD with the same song, I think our minds are linked xD

Anyway, awesome MAD :D

Chrisiscdc says:

thanks man :D

Chrisiscdc says:

thank you ^^

shinobi4082 says:

I never even finished mine XD
But this one is WAY better :3
Awesome :D

ErkanEspada says:

Good work. :)

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