Naruto and Sakura vs. Kakashi | Full Fight (English Sub) | Naruto Shippuden Videos

Naruto and Sakura vs. Kakashi | Full Fight (English Sub)

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lslouiseEWS says:

That’s a funny way to end a battle

busterbunkermech1 says:

Nice troll fail there bud. Next time use a little less on you mad bro, and more greatness on actual commenting that is witty and funny. Again nice try. haha

TheJeding says:


yukichancinnamonroll says:

yeah I just tried it and it is pretty easy. idk why but at the time it was so hard. still…it would be a pain to keep one closed and the other open for a long period of time xD

yukichancinnamonroll says:

yeah I just tried it and it is pretty easy. idk why but at the time it was so hard. still…it would be a pain to keep one closed and the other open for a long period of time xD

yukichancinnamonroll says:

okay so I tried it again right now and yes you’re right, it’s pretty easy. but still it’s a pain to keep it close for so long -.-

Ender man says:

the ass poke failed :”(

potage40 says:

idk why kakashi close his right eye everything he fighst, and here he doesnt

sonicher0 says:

(+  -+)

GoDzMaRiNe100 says:

Japanese voice actors are GARBAGE!
English dub is way better.

FlameSonicFlash says:

Kakashi Could have actually won but did not have the will to fight as he wanted to find out what happened in the book

FlameSonicFlash says:

I Tried lol have Always Tried it But Never Seem To Work

Ulfric von Liechinstein says:

its easy

SeattleSoundEra says:

He didn’t have sharingan at the end. That’s all bad

Pipe Uchiha says:

0:12 not sharingan
0:19 Sharingan xD

Jay Bee says:

Back to when Naruto was a worth watching anime <3

Muhammad Ali says:

Tsunade vs jirga

toxic apple says:

Jiraiya* Sakura* Tsunade*. How could you screw up so bad like that?

snow star says:

Lol at the part where juria say suakura is a mini Tisanua

icyfires0 says:

If something is touching the closed eye it is easy to keep the other eye open

MrYonot1 says:

Sakura is a powerhouse dame

TheJeding says:

You are probably using the wrong eye. Its easy actually.

Zergbacon Swarm says:

Itachi with eternal mangekyou sharingan and enough chakra is win ^^ just keep spamming amaterasu :D

FHomeBrew says:

You mean winking? -_-;

Ellaeren says:

its not like naruto has many xD

Chels cx says:

Sakura just knows one move and thats all she seems to do. Basic bitch.

etan0416 says:


CyberCheese392 says:

bullshit kakashi won

lee155912000 says:

Pretty sure it’s a typo meant to say “ninjutsu”. She had the least trouble out of the three controlling chakra.

Lene L says:

Brute strength?

Xolani Smith says:

it depends on which eye

BLDLHD says:

I swear this is the only fight that makes sakura look strong! Why does she always seem so weak in the current episodes. With that power, she could have easily located the white zetsu traveling underground

André Luis says:

the strongest naruto and sakura

Naruto Uzamaki says:

Hey its me

BlabAtack says:

3:18 cameltoe

Ezio Auditore says:

No. This argument is invalid. First, you have to get caught into Kamui, second there is a strikt limit of using that technique (otherwise Kakashi dies) and last point: I bet my eyes’ sight that at least Sasuke WILL escape Kamui somehow. He cannot be captured in genjutsu-like attacks (Orochimaru’s reincarnation room or Itachi’s Tsukuyomi. Even though, they were not at their full power, it was stated that those jutsus are extremely powerful).

Andre Mclaren says:

Tell a hater yo don’t you got cocks to blow she’s kangaroo sakura and she’ll box a ho!

Patricia Lungay says:

Closing one eye while one is open is easy

Tomlowlife says:

sakura is a fucking whore. shes not even good at sucking cock. move aside and let hinata do the job.

kak Sumed says:


Squary94 says:

You cannot argue like that.

Because more people like Jap Dub its automaticly better?
Does that mean that Justin Bieber is good because so many people like him and buy his music?

Think about it.

Jonathan Teo says:

But Naruto + Sakura is the exact same as Minato + Kushina!

FalenXangel says:

Char reference

Jonathan Grenier says:

Without Kakashi’s weakness, Sakura and Naruto would have failed…and since in a battle where life is at stake, Kakashi would not care about getting his manga spoiled thus he has no weaknes…I mean no weakness other than Itachi Uchiha!

daud2345 says:

Time to upgrade my Minecraft to premium freeminecraftgiftcodes{dot}net :D

yukichancinnamonroll says:

21:03 i love naruto’s sneaky laugh xD so funny :D

yukichancinnamonroll says:

also!! I just tried closing one eye and keeping one open and can I just say..that is hard to do O.O (I bet you are trying it now after reading this xD don’t deny it it’s okay :) )

yukichancinnamonroll says:

sakura is the perfect girl: super strength, beautiful, smart! just awesome :D and I miss jiraiya :(

yukichancinnamonroll says:

im so happy that sakura turned into a tough ninja! I never thought she would in the first season :)

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