Naruto Kyuubi VS Madara Tailed Beasts [Full Fight] HD 720p | Naruto Shippuden Videos

Naruto Kyuubi VS Madara Tailed Beasts [Full Fight] HD 720p

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MrSleep AMV ZerO says:

Naruto vs madara 

MotionStarsHD says:

the ost used fr the biju mode was just not right

knighthood3k4 says:

I just flagged this as Misleading. Heres a dislike too. If your going to
post anything Naruto now-a-days, with all the potent information floating
freely, you can make the effort to get the title right. Yes, the world
knows Tobi, is Obito….so be shamed…..

Navras wbaa says:

Vs Madara, rly? You fucking kidding me? Everybody knows for months now that
Tobi is Obito not Madara.

Josh Dekku says:

This is one scene I will not forget in Naruto.

Elisa Lim says:

4:00 is the best moment LOL

Mako Materia says:

whats the ost playing around 2:00? been loking for it for weeks. also 9:48thats what she said

Game Maker says:

Wait a second is son goku roshi mentioned is the goku in dbz??Wow!

Brandon Renner says:

Obito.. not Madara.

christian lenon says:


Vospader21 says:


henry hutapea says:

i like it

SXL017 says:

06:24 – I think this is what went through Kakashi’s head in this moment.
Kakashi: “Alright. Keep your cool Kakashi. Get ready.” *gets ready*”OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH SHIT.” LOL

jorge pagan says:

and suddenly naruto became dbz

Masterpg2007 says:

Tsundere Kurama.

Adam Christian says:

I legitimately cried when I saw nine-tails as crying as a puppy.

TyronMakeka says:

“S-Sensei!” The little brat who was once but a prankster is now offcially
as badass as Minato. AND that is only HALF of Kuramas power!

LukaraGames says:

hahahha That is Obito NOOB hahahahahhahahahahahahahh die

GokuSaiyanGod AMVHD says:

madara????? -_-

Rustum Noor says:

which episode is this?

marius schoenmaker says:

really? SON GOKU?

Jorge Henrique Colluço says:

Funny Kakashi face at 06:25!

Abraham Flores says:

Those chills at 5:47 :D

TheLoneRanger93 says:

whats the song at 5:47

Kelly Johnson says:

he kiss sasuke!!!! lol i watch all episodes

Mr Burns says:

hachibi is shit 

Andrea Allison says:

What happens after this in the show. I can never find a follow up video
that isn’t the game. 

Jonathan Moseley says:

aww baby kurama looks so cute XD

บิติเวช ปาปะไพ says:


Everyday I'm Shuffling says:

Epic just epic

baha ben amor says:

it”s obitoo not madara -_-

TheRelativeUnknown says:

I feel like this fight should have been better

Budak Oztel says:

kurama cry…. sooo cute :D

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