Naruto Manga Chapter 671 predictions: Rikudou Gives Naruto Chakra | Naruto Shippuden Videos

Naruto Manga Chapter 671 predictions: Rikudou Gives Naruto Chakra

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I predict in this chapter of 671 Rikudou Senin will give either his rinnegan or chakra to naruto. Naruto needs a power up ASAP to fight Madara. the Chakra of…



How can be possible that you have this game in english if is out only in
it work on EU ps3??
please answer mee :/ :)

Miranda Lovesheart says:

Get goku and help out naruto and the rest

Jamike Falcon says:

1:46 Goku beat the fuck out of Madara.

Jonathan Henry says:

What if orochimaru is the sage mother they look just a like…

dilan ormisiar says:

I think the sage of six paths will teach naruto the peace jutsu he

shai scott says:

The only reason she looks like the “God of Death” is because she is an
uzumaki and that jutsu is taught to Minato by Kushina clan which is
uzumaki. So it had nothing to do with orchimaru

D'Hell Devil'z says:

rikkudo sennin will give naruto rinnegan,,,
i saw it on the manga but i can’t remember which chapter is it,,,
the manga is still on japanese languange,,,
naruto posseses full rinnegan and power like the rikkudo sennin,,,,,,

Naruto GamerPro says:

If there is one person i would never trust…. It would be that damn Hebi
Orochimaru…….. I’m waiting for Sasuke’s wind…. My ass. he is upto

Naruto GamerPro says:

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