Naruto – Rasenshuriken Training – English Sub | Naruto Shippuden Videos

Naruto – Rasenshuriken Training – English Sub

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Naruto – Rasenshuriken Training – English Sub Naruto – Rasenshuriken Training – English Sub Naruto – Rasenshuriken Training – English Sub Naruto – Rasenshuri…


Penny St says:

“I’m ready to go” cough cough creepy eyes. “Captain Yamato is creeping me out!” LOL.
It’s Naruto’s fault that Captain Yamato is in a bad condition.

Penny St says:

“I’ve done a pretty awesome job to Kakashi Senpai” says Captain Yamato with an angry face. LOL

flamedrag18 says:

the reason he never noticed the intelligence ability of shadow clones is that he never used them for their intended purpose, but instead uses them for combat and all of them are fighting, so they never experience anything different and thus, the ability never shows itself to him. if one did leave on it’s own like he did when getting pointers from asuma, he would have noticed it before.

ComplexEvil says:

yea but it took over 3 years for him to realize clones had that ability. even then it took someone having to tell and demonstrate it to him. and before i get a shit load of hate mail for this im not dissing naruto in fact i love him as a character im just saying that he is NOT the brains of the village

flamedrag18 says:

not that much of a moron, he figured out that he could use shadow clones to gather nature chakra for him, he also made his combat skills much better by using his shadow clones for information gathering and tactic implementation like we see later when he’s fighting kakuzu

NarutoHQTV says:

naruto needs to learn long ranged attacks like wind style air bullets or others. I hate kishimoto only rasengan, rasenshurike, and bijju dama— God damn this is not fucking pokemon lol

ComplexEvil says:

theres an explanation for this. you see naruto is……a moron

lightside02 says:

23:10 OMG HES RICH!!!

oxreoz says:

what kind of teacher makes the student pay for food just for a few tips.. dick move azuma

flamedrag18 says:

naruto’s complaining about not being able to use rasengan with one hand…..but after developing the rasen-shuriken, why doesn’t he use the very same training for using the rasengan one handed? this always baffled me……

Gray FuIIbuster says:

Hmm true,

flamedrag18 says:

it might have been there before, wikis aren’t reliable sources of information since they can be modified by anyone with a wiki account, I could go and mess around with a nuclear physics wiki and only be found out when a physicist would look at it and actually, the wiki entries are anonymous, so I wouldn’t be caught either. they’re a good place to get base info from since most are accurate, but it’s always good to get a second opinion.

Gray FuIIbuster says:

I thought it was on the wiki, but when I checked again it wasn’t there, so I’m not sure anymore.

flamedrag18 says:

how do you know it’s wind?

flamedrag18 says:

more than likely yamato actually did it himself as a good gesture, they were/are anbu black ops and knew each other well before. they’re definitely friends.

Gray FuIIbuster says:

I think.

Gray FuIIbuster says:


darkfighter147 says:

This is not the whole training. It is a little disappointing.

BashirHDTutorials says:

u mean im awesome!

EliteTurles says:


Naruto uzumaki says:

Man I’m awesome aren’t I

Aaron Willems says:

I’d doubt that. The flying thunder god technique is just a ninja art. Even if Minato did possess that kind of Kekkei Genkai it would be called Storm Release, and it would not be unique to the Namikaze clan. Darui, the commander of the first division can use it too. With the Laser circus jutsu

Deidara Senapai says:

0:00 watch thatpart

cannady02 says:

What the name of the son that starts at @25:13

Mailia Yang says:

Minatos has a bloodline limit for his clan! Its called the thunder storm release.

Hashirama Senju says:

Don’t worry you did an awesome job Yamato.

rageingshenron says:

so what was the 4th hokage’s chakra nature??

rageingshenron says:

sakura… you sasuke slut face.. how dare you make naruto a BF #2 (anger coming outt) your still ok though, but dang it

Hashirama Senju says:

He couldn’t use sage mode at that time

TANG KE says:


Hieu Vuu says:

he didnt learn it when this happend

MineJustu MC says:

i don’t see why he didn’t use sage mode from the start then he can use natural chakra

Yokan Uzumaki says:


Yokan Uzumaki says:

Social interaction for dummies XD 0:27:08

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