Naruto Shippuden episode 296 Naruto vs Zetsu AMV | Naruto Shippuden Videos

Naruto Shippuden episode 296 Naruto vs Zetsu AMV

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hope u enjoy.naruto is back on action.and to say the truth these are white zetsu clones that he sent to the war. This is fanmade. music song:X4b the Guardian.


Filip Piotrzkowski says:

Mini rasen-shuriken for the win : D

Naruto4ever55 says:

why u dijo eso? me gustó un poco y fue mi primer amv.
De todos modos u elegir si u gustara o no, o la canción por lo menos

Ivan Stiven Benavides says:

lo mas baca no eds naruto shippuden que hay en el mundo

Kwon Kicker says:

zestu epic with the mini rasenshuriken

Naruto4ever55 says:

me too:)

Naruto4ever55 says:

zetsu looked so small under the frog:)

VJ87G says:

At 1:11, Yeah, I just crush ya!! No biggie. Haha!

minakushi49 says:

kawaii! mini-rasenshuriken

rexthedog4 says:

I worship the devil fucker , what now ???

pwanchi09 says:

Finisher: jiraiya’s bring down the house jutsu!!

Bishal Tamang says:

wow.. i like new powers of naruto.

ChinaThruJesusChrist says:

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latonyajones828 says:

Biju Naruto is out cold

Naruto4ever55 says:

ahh sr i dont know.its rare to ask me something like that.

Bruno Flash says:

No the music of the anime of the episode. :)

Naruto4ever55 says:

X4b the Guardian

Bruno Flash says:

What is the name of the music of this official episode?

MsShadowrealm says:

Same here. That was such an easy victory.

Alejandro RM says:

:O por las galletas de mi tía Lupe

Naruto4ever55 says:

where is white zetsu????cant see him.(under the frog’s ass)

Naruto4ever55 says:

ahhhh if u confused and clicked it.

Ian Pate says:

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Jefstito says:

Its because of the release of Naruto Shippuden ultimate ninja Storm 3 :P many videos link to yours

TheMovementGamers says:

Naruto : stop let me do this…. Mini Rasen Shuriken!
*Cuts of giant Zetsu Leg*
Naruto: Summoning Jutsu!
*Giant Frog lands on Giant Zetsu!

Naruto4ever55 says:

u could look the comments below but anyway X4b the guardian

Minh Trần Nhật says:

song ?

JedaiKittty says:

Love the Mini Rasenshuriken :P

Minh Trần Nhật says:


Naruto4ever55 says:

well im more impressed cause this vid suddenly gets many views these days.why people search for old battle now>>?i cant understand but tnx for the comm.

Hadaya ali hadaya says:

good video I can say it is called the music

grizzle0614 says:

no.. a mini rasen shurriken, not a mini resengan

Chung White says:

lol a mini rasengan

hendra irawan says:

Video nya jelek

Naruto4ever55 says:

X4b the guardian

William Dragon says:

What song title?

dadan550 says:


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