Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst MODS – Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst Dark KCM Naruto Mod Gameplay (PC w SweetFX | Naruto Shippuden Videos

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst MODS – Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst Dark KCM Naruto Mod Gameplay (PC w SweetFX

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Download Link: I’m taking request for different mods you want *Take note that model mod is not possible as of now e…


SuperHothead14 says:

Hey kind of a simple request but can you mod a few of narutos rasengans?
Like making the KCM rasengans orange reddish and his sage mode rasengans a
kind of greenish blue?

HollowGameplay999 says:

How to Install??

TheBlackwings44 says:

how do we install the mods to our game? can someone help me

Bagas Dewa says:

Menma mods please

Chris Lee says:

So does the download work for ps3 as well?

B- Man says:

wouldn,t be surprising if somebody made a nude mod

pedro cruise says:

Where is the memna mod?

Drenz Hallare says:

what program do you use to edit ?

Marzena Prabucki says:

You get it with the full burst expansion pack

Mephistin says:

Cool, no instructions.

Brandon Gopilan says:

Can you edit Edo Itachi to have the Anbu uniform and have Sasuke’s EMS?

Hadari Sama says:

This may sound silly, but how exactly do you install the mods?

KingdomHeartsFan30 says:

Thank you for subscribing I just love looking at your mods

TheDaRkNesSW1Th1n says:

give Kid obito the long haired scarred appearance with the cloak when he
sees Rin die? :)

vincenzo formisano says:

but can i subscribe to xbox live?

Elvis Marvila Ribeiro says:

vc usa pen drive

Admiral Luffy says:

And can u make a dark itachi all black even his skin and aura

Admiral Luffy says:

Just make some bizzar ass edit to taka sasuke

ShreddergamerGaming says:

Bijuu Naruto Mod pls Wajinshu!!!

MitaroSoul says:

any way to have ems sasuke but with his akatsuki cloak, meaning ems sasuke
attacks but has cloak?

RyanBrooksby says:


phillip huertas says:

Thank you so much for requesting this XD

Adi Stoican says:

make Itachi edo tensei with akatsuki suit

TheNoctisify says:

Make dark naruto with the tailed beast bomb, please.

Vincent Edwards says:

Can you do a mod with Sasukes clothes with narutos color scheme and a white

Dragonk116 says:

I don’t know why they couldn’t have just made this a legit skin in the
game, same goes for just changing the eyes of the edo tensei’s that were
never shown…

Nuance6 says:

looks like anti form from kingdom heart 2 lmfao

Storm3Edits says:

Speaking of which, Can you rig Jugo with an akatsuki cloak? Getting tired
of those pajamas.

wajinshu says:

@Giovanni Bonfiglio any request are welcome. Someone request a Karin mod
too :)

Giovanni Bonfiglio says:

This might seem like an odd request xD considering that not many people use
her, but could you possibly make a Karin mod with her gas jutsu coming out
as green, as well as her clothes being black and red (to resemble the
akatsuki colors) and if it’s not asking for too much, her hair to be a
really really dark purple? thanks :) and if it’s not possible or you can’t
be bothered to waste time on Karin xD I understand :) keep up the good

wajinshu says:

@Rock Lee Sleeping time for me. Uploading now XD

davide davidesestili says:

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst Dark KCM Naruto Mod mediafire

KingKyuubiNaruto13 says:

Dark naruto looks so badass 2 me x)

Emmanuel Casseus says:

Is it possible to edit the DLC characters? If so can you edit sasuke’s
napoleon cosutme with a red susano’o with Sage Kyuubi eyes? And a black
chakra effect and if you can make the black flames blue?

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