Naruto vs. Kyuubi | Full Fight (English Sub) | Naruto Shippuden Videos

Naruto vs. Kyuubi | Full Fight (English Sub)

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The complete fight between Naruto and Kyuubi, including the scenes with his mom. Naruto vs Kyuubi | Nine Tails | Naruto vs Nine Tailed Fox | Final Battle | C…


Reilola says:

17:48 SUGOIIII DESUUU ~~ <33
(lol i’m spamming all along aahahahha ^-^,)

Reilola says:

lol minato pause-strike face 14:44

Reilola says:

after 16 years… finally, he know where he came from… this shit makes me cry so much omg

Oscar Yuen says:

Did not sound like their voice

TheShadowFlareGaming says:

Since the spirit bomb came first, I’d have to say the wording of the Rasengan looks like the spirit bomb would be correct.

norameliana amy says:

And hid dad was so damn fast.. haha I like that :D

norameliana amy says:

His mom young :( cute ^^

TDraem says:


Eddy L says:

Follow me , I follow back @i_illest4300

Taha İseri says:

Kendimi aglamaktan alikoyamiyorum. Agla agla nereye kadar 25yasima gldm bu gòt haric hicbirseye aglamiom.

itsacharcoalice says:

Well its an opinion but I think Bee’s voice is better in English. You know. Cause he sounds like a generic black rapper.

Jonathon meow says:

Spirit bomb looks like a Rasengan..

OompaLoompa211 says:

Right in the feels <3

Bill Nye says:

Goddamn i wouldn’t want to live in the leaf village they all seem like such faggots.

thundercleese says:

I teared up when he met his mom and especially when she talked about how she and Minato fell in love.

ColeMercerHD says:

What is the soundtrack name at 27:37 ? Anyone knows ?

Alex Tepes says:

wow i literally just noticed after over a year of knowing who he was, that Bee wears goggles.

killa3413 says:

Rasengan looks like the spirit bomb

dannyXX1 says:

btw in you annotation you didn’t spell click correct you typed klick not a big deal but you might wanna know

xendyxful says:

/watch?v=w5rcqpeNgX8 NARUTO AMV watch and comment and subscribe pls

Kagamine Len says:

haha same here

ilovehinata4567 says:

X’D i couldn’t stop laughing during kushina’s first flashback

sodafromyoda says:

But I’m illiterate.



Mark Tanglao says:

Uhh Naruto… where you just hitting on your mom?

Benjamin Hackney says:

i tried to cry. i really wanted to when he met his mom. Personally, if i had never met my mom and then all of a sudden there she is yeah id be crying till i didnt have tears.

jeromeo sims says:

Love it

Leidachinaman says:

You are an idiot. You didn’t need to click the link, stop complaining and leave. If you don’t like Naruto then don’t watch videos with Naruto in the title. The only time you can complain is if the title mislead you into watching something you didn’t know was something else.

Themadhorse says:

Maybe its related to your homosexuality?

840swed840 says:

this is extremely gay, how did i get from basketball videos to this faggot bullshit?

RSKJK says:

they re fighting in a pool of pee

Powerfulllestkid says:

Im just discovering this a week later. All I did was make one reply about where dub is in the series, and boom another dub vs sub debate starts. It doesnt take much for Youtube to agrue.

Powerfulllestkid says:

O.o I never said I preferred dubbed over subbed. I was just providing information to someone wanted to know the dub’s progression in the series. Besides, I just read the manga. :P

laikros says:

Who has problems with that ?Maybe kids in age of five.Im not native english speaker and it doesnt bother me .

Enrique Hakimi says:

lol kyuubi at 5:42 so cute ^^

Jonathan Derez says:

nice one:-D

sư cọ says:

11:10 so sad and so happy

sasuke uchiha says:

kushina ^_^

Branka Cerovic says:

naruto just used the six paths tehnique

Alexander Ilarionov says:

Hey what is number of the ep.?

ps3lover711 says:

anyone know the ost at 27:35?????

sacredbeastzenon says:

Yeah me too if the dub is good enough.

14knucklehead says:

I don’t know i just do, maybe cause i get tired of reading it the whole time, i don’t mind though. Im a fan but not a hardcore fan so i just like hearing it in english

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