Naruto vs Menma -AMV- Time of Dying (three days grace) | Naruto Shippuden Videos

Naruto vs Menma -AMV- Time of Dying (three days grace)

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hello everyone, this time I bring a mav of the fight between Naruto and Menma (dark naruto) hope you like it and as always I like to put comenteny: D Naruto …


-Eduardo Oliveira says:

Esse foi ,o melhor vidio Do naruto que eu ja assisti.

-Eduardo Oliveira says:


-Eduardo Oliveira says:

Cara vc faz Um Vidio Otimo hehe… Eu só do brasil

jsalcido2139 says:

Obito was controlling him???

webertom79 says:

Caraca sao muiti irado..

webertom79 says:

Esse episodio tem

TObi SENpai says:

Time of Dying (three days grace)

Georgel Railean says:

what music

TObi SENpai says:

thanks :D

TObi SENpai says:

thanks :)

TObi SENpai says:

to all who see this video you can see also my new amv / watch? v = hTuthwwuesM
I also thank all those who see, comment and subs, thank you very much: D

TObi SENpai says:

a todos los que ven este video pueden ver tambien mi nuevo amv /watch?v=hTuthwwuesM
Tambien quiero agradecer a todos los que ven,comentan y subs,muchas gracias :D

jet pistol says:

1 thing
2 say
3 day grace
4 ever

Dragosu smekeru says:


Wrenchjocky24 says:

(@David Pineda) Those eyes are the sharingan, not the nine tail’s eyes. Tobi is inhabiting menma’s body giving him the sharingan.

Damon Henderson says:

hey can i ask some thing who’s story behind them is more sadder garra or naruto i say garra because his parents didnt even love him not his mom or dad his dad sent somebody to kill him naruto eehh

David Pineda says:

Thats the nine tails eyes dumass

H Royer says:

…. wai naruto has sharingan????! What the hell??!!!

TObi SENpai says:

naruto road to ninja

TObi SENpai says:

thank you all for your comments, they are very interesting :3 ELSE I want to clarify is that I have the sony vegas pro, if I did I guarantee that I would do much better :P

TObi SENpai says:

gracias a todos por sus comentarios, son muy interesante :3,OTRA COSA que quiero aclarar es que no tengo el sony vegas pro ,si lo tuviera les garantizo que lo haria mucho mejor :P

king97ify says:

como se llama esta pelicula?

ApocalypticVids says:

hahaha nice

cheatscalor says:

I’ll make a £5 bet with my mate that it’s actually Obito then xD Easy money

ApocalypticVids says:

You’ll find out later why its him and why he is doing all this but I’ll make it clear. Obito is Tobi and Madara is Obitos master and are working together. But yes OBITO is TOBI. :)

cheatscalor says:

So it’s actually Obito and not Madara under that mask? :D Not bad.

TheNecroRX says:

I can see that’s the Korean Dubbed

ApocalypticVids says:

oh I am not sure where the anime is at yet but if I have spoiled something I am sorry.

bjwatkins1216 says:

I gotta say I freaking miss the akatsuki they were just a bad ass group of people to me who were being used from the beginning.

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