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Naruto vs Neji | Full Fight (English Dub)

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The whole fight between Naruto and Neji! Credit goes to Ganesh N for letting me upload these fights to my channel.


rollingbubbles1234 says:


Trollfacetrollface12 says:

All anime protagonists are played be femail voice actors with very raspy voices who don’t know about clearing their throats…Gohan…Goku…This Naruto guy…all the same…

MrYonot1 says:

If neji didn’t hold back and want to stop the match he would of destroyed naruto

oo0Freeze0oo says:

Yeah , I’m not saying Naruto is a bad character or that he is really weak , I just miss the “hardworking kuncklehead” Naruto we had in part 1. I miss the whole hard work beats talent message they had pre-shippuden. But whatever , it is what it is and Pain was a good character , I wish he was the final villain in the series , he was really interesting.

Ijustcomment010 says:

neji should have won this. no fucking doubt about it

Vaas Montenegro says:

yikes…….english dub, i prefer the original but with english subtitles

Senseiisick says:

Narutos the sage of six paths mofuckas

TheMumbio says:

Changes though, when against Pain he gets say 25% from the Nine Tails and yes h would have died from the planetary destruction but still Pain is one hell of a guy to battle with and Naruto killed more than Jiriya and Kakashi combined in terms of Pain’s. And yes Jiriiya weekend 3 of them but still he did extremely well even before using the Nine Tails. And meh, why not take some power from a tailed beast when you need it, if you can control it’s power, you deserve it!

Daniel Helstrip says:

Fuck off tenten

Zen Zyker says:

Why neji couldn’t see naruto underground? Neji got byakugan to see that clearly.

Badguy260 says:

he has a glass chin

pokemonlegendlol says:

40:05 it’s over 9000!

klboi56 says:

Ino sucks

Andre Burt says:

39:50 that moment when shit got real!

mrl021 says:

the bird is finally set free from its cage.
rip to one of the greatest ninjas in the series, neji hyuga.


I like how it has 64 likes

phuckerpower says:

Neji was a waste of a character to make a Jounin. He was a great character, just made useless.

oo0Freeze0oo says:

It sucks how in Shippuden Naruto literally gets 95% of his power cause he’s the child of prophecy/destiny child.

jordan252404 says:

One can go through nine tailed fox

Efrain Zambrano says:

sube videos en español

ABigNarutoFanAndChef says:

Both Naruto and Neji was awesome

watch my videos for funnies and reviews

PureSkySprinkles says:

Too bad Sasuke couldnt see this fight.

dogribgamer says:

I can tell this video is not running at normal speed. It’s still a good video.

exassasinx says:

Kurama chakra

patricksmith701 says:

Kabuto is a perv.

Linkfan450 says:

Does anyone know the name of the soundtrack that starts playing around 36:47? I’ve been trying to find it for a long time and have had 0 luck in finding it.

sean nicholson says:


MrKingYuji says:

Rock Lee said out of his own mouth that Neji was stronger. The whole point of the reverse lotus was to stand a chance against Neji which means anything less (weights off, shrunken fist, primary lotus) wouldn’t be enough. Don’t forget Neji is extremely fast too he just can’t maintain it for as long

aminateddancer says:

The Anbu is Kabuto…. in case you didnt know >.>

wilber938 says:

4th hokage is his father u ideot neji

Muharem Fazli says:

The anbu black ops guy is a pedo look where he touches hinata

TheXboxSquadron says:

21:58 Neji: Stop this madness. Naruto: MADNESS!… THIS IS SPARTA! Neji: …what

superbriansworld says:

well proly cuz dat shit is almost 360 degrress but as you see win the ying yang appears thet shit cant see under ground and he had low ass chakra as u see he forced all dat chakra to make a rotation as fast as possible and naruto still had a lil of nine tails power

superbriansworld says:

also neji did dat shit heart win u saw nine tails it look like you felt alll dat dam chakra just in yo face also y wen u turn on byakugan it looks like a shocke wave comes outtta yo face

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