Naruto vs. Pain | Full Fight (English Sub) | Naruto Shippuden Videos

Naruto vs. Pain | Full Fight (English Sub)

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Website: This is possibly my favorite fight off shippuden :D. The kyuubi rampage starts at 1:03:00. This clip includes all the Six Pat…


stefwittmann94 says:

Godlike story.. how intense can a fight be? Thats just awesome how much love is put in there.. jiraya , naruto , nagato, hinata , the relations of what everyone was saying to each other.. just awesome

stefwittmann94 says:

His name is…


Sumit Kumar says:

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Garen Crownguard says:

Least the woman that loves him isn’t ordered to kill him.

orihime says:

naruto should of had some lot of pussy after this fight

Morten R says:

The autistic fucking retards who decided to ruin it with their shitty filler additions to the fights should be executed.

Rollin Angulo says:

Shitty music killed it -:( lol

jimmys tempura says:

Virign role-player spotted, commencing retard protocols.

Naruto Uzumaki says:

Hinata, don`t you ever risk your life like that again. If something happened to you i will never forgive myself. You mean too much to me.

tobias mjølsnes says:

kyuubi can do wood style jutsu?


It’s like if some one put Evanescence songs on Hinata’s battle, it just killed the mood : / u don’t make me watch a 2 hour video to kill my mood now.


Hey kid : D u know why the animators never selected music like this? : D CUZ IT DOSENT WORK!!!!!!!!! > : (


*turns into Biju mode* WHO CRAPPED ON MY FAVE FIGHT WITH THIS MUSIC???!!!!

ComicTyp100 says:

you nailed it bro 

The People's Best Guide says:

hello naruto fans I have uploaded the final of naruto so go and watch it its awesome so click on me and see it! its in English sub!! full episode

ntabiblaze says:

I was in freakin TEARS during that whole revival scene man TRUE STORY damn =[

Ignacio Ruiz says:

And is fucking shity music…. some kind of sub step shit or something like that.

Marcus Falleth says:


thiago leal fs says:


TheNkemp2011 says:

Sorry the song is called carnage by xtortion audio

TheNkemp2011 says:

The song is called arrange

shivamrekha2001 says:

56. 17 naruto is like omg what da fuck!

briey sodom says:

hahaha good

Matix1d says:


ohyuki2010 says:

I wish I was him do awesome

SavertonJr says:

1:15:99 LMAO constipation justsu!

Morgan Freeman says:

So is it seize or grasp I’ve watch the anime on a two sites and it was grasp

brahima dabré says:

trop cool naruto uzumaki

CasualVideoGamer says:

And then nothing ever really comes of it. The first scene her and Naruto share right after the Pain arc, they don’t even talk to each other.

Nudaid says:

Im a fkin 18 year old Guy , and i really dont fear pain or something but everytime when i see the part , when Naruto comes back to the village and all of the people are happy to see him , i cry a river , fk dat shit.


So true

elitex111 says:

“I’m still in time to revive those I’ve killed since arriving in the Leaf village.” Sadly, this doesn’t include Jeraiya :(

Thunderyend says:

Shame some fucking retard wannabe DJ inserted their own shit stain of an audio track at about 1:02:00

chouji08 says:

Pretty sure most everyone died when Pein was done.

chongwong says:

It looks to me like the clones are just about to use the smoke bombs, and not helping with the rassengan 

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