Naruto vs Sasuke | Full Fight (English Dub) | Naruto Shippuden Videos

Naruto vs Sasuke | Full Fight (English Dub)

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The full fight between Naruto and Sasuke which concludes the original series. Enjoy. Credit goes to Ganesh N for letting me upload these fights to my channel.


AMrTheAn says:


TheValentin2753 says:

Naruto is sronger

TormentOfDeath says:

this is nothing but talk DBZ IS INFINITY TIMES BETTER

Cierinal says:

Actually the majority of the video is of them fighting. And his grammar had nothing wrong with it. It’s the same as yours and mine. So by insulting him for it, you only look like an idiot.

ray jones says:

its a little racist but sasuke turns from white to black

cjimerson4 says:

naruto is awesom

saninleader367 says:

But you made every last bit count. That’s why we love you Naruto!

saninleader367 says:

Because he held back. And you KNOW it. And that frightens you.

lauwphoda says:


Cierinal says:

I don’t remember the dubbed voices being this tiny…

DAZthaEMCEE says:

Well now my world has just fallen apart..

101Dragonsword says:

I don’t get it…

legovideos45 says:

I <3 Naruto

DAZthaEMCEE says:

Fun fact: Your grammar sucks!

ShiroiWulf says:

0:15:16 wow that forehead could give Rihanna a run for her money

Joyce Cleary says:

i hate sasuke so bad that i want to kill him with my own hands

Uzumaki Karin says:

Why do they insist on fighting all the time

Bronyz4life says:

0: We need an idea for a new Naruto episode
1: A different rasengan
2: More fillers and flashbacks
3: Something different with amazing animation
0: >.>
3: -.-
*Thrown out of the window

Jack Laner says:

Fun Fact: It’s more then 2 minutes without flashbacks!

STARRR20 says:

That made me cry ;( cause im sasuke and my best friend is naruto

jaydonstewartjts says:

Sasuke. Kills. Itachi. In. Shippuden and finds out the truth of why itachi. Killed their clan

MegaPapergames says:

but u fuckin beat saskues ASS bro

Joshua Adams says:


alias1928 says:

Because at this point he had trouble controlling his chakra and messed up when trying to summon toads. Remember the battle of the 3 sannin.

101Dragonsword says:

But aren’t you still trying to chase sasuke..?

94Littleone says:

Am I the only one wondering why Naruto didn’t summon a toad in this fight?

TheShadyProfessor says:

After watching shippuden they seem like they are 5 here lol.

Anthagonyk says:


Anthagonyk says:

you are still annoying

heddaTV1 says:

god dang i miss the original series…

cordell roker says:

saskue is the best

cordell roker says:

itachi beat him bad

tim9119 says:

even with that power he still couldnt beat Itachi

T0pMar0c says:

whats tath episode

Golden Glitz says:

above all this is my fave fight out of the orignal naruto

son gohan says:

no…. naruto was trying to win the fight.
and umm he used his shadowclones a lot.

romaine vertajay says:

I think its just that sasuke 1 up Naruto every time 

tj ryan says:

1:06:52 chidori rasengsengan clash

Usman Afzal says:

for everyone who says saskue won the fight your wrong naruto wanted to talk saskue out of it if he did want to fight saskue he would have easily took him i he didnt use shdowclons at all the only reson naruto went 1 tailed was to put some sense into saskue that who he was messing with anyway the 9 tail took over because he lost his temper naruto can win he just wanted to bring him home but saskue wanted to hurt him

brianna esta says:

sasuke’s face is in naruto’s but at 52:20-52:25

Minato Namikaze says:

My idiot little son XD

MrLila36 says:

if i was i writer id be like ok guys i like sasukes new look but really lipstick?

CrazyLove6192 says:

and without talking

Naruto Uzumaki says:

God I was soo annoying!

James Robbins says:


Anyone notice how gay Sasuke sounds with -1 pitch? ._. (No offence, I am a huge fan of Sasuke…)

fjordon87 says:

It a narutornado

TheBigrichman says:

ya why the fuck didnt he summon chief toad

TheBigrichman says:

sasuke got lucky if the third tail came out that would have ended the fight and he barely handled no tails but he completed the sharingan wheel-but naruto is alot stronger with kurama -lol sasuke thought his power was the shit

Kathleen Argueta says:

i definetly agree on this, but i cant blame 100% on sasuke because thats just the curse of the uchiha when they love something dearly and then has an outcome of misfortune….. out comes the sharingan (which could be consider a big huge aneurysm if anything lol) which brings out hatred. just like tobi says “when a man learns to love he bears the risk of hatred”.

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