Sasuke and Naruto vs Gaara | Full Fight (English Dub) | Naruto Shippuden Videos

Sasuke and Naruto vs Gaara | Full Fight (English Dub)

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Well, Gaara got double teamed. Credit goes to Ganesh N for letting me upload these fights to my channel.


Gamers Guide says:

Now you mention it, i didnt see him in the last episode i believe xD

Eragon Trible says:

i know wat u mean bro…well the manga is making sasuke better though so we’ll see :D

Eragon Trible says:

well if obito doesnt wanna use shikaku then it;s up to kishimoto to get him to appear :V

Eragon Trible says:

well considering he keeps one of lee’s trainning suits……he does love green :D

Djohan Gamer says:

If naruto hates the color green, then why is his walls are green

speedytang4 says:

I wish Naruto still made this many clones now

TheHollywoodHino says:

Why doesn’t shakaku ever use bijuu bomb in the fight and why doesn’t he return in shippuden it was said that the tailed beast get reincarnated ( when raikage tried to kill naruto to postpone Tobi’s plans)

wwf80s says:

At 1:12:53-1:13:25, what is that soundtrack called?! I’ve been trying to find it.

wwf80s says:

At 1:12:53-1:13:25, what is the soundtrack called?? I’ve been trying to find it and it’s bugging me

ashleygolden1994 says:

Gaara…his eng voice is too sexy and his character has developed so much because of Naruto. I’m so proud of this show! The character development is incredible :D

Bryan Ibrahima says:


Bryan Ibrahima says:

@Description Gaara didn’t get Doyle teamed… It was first Sasuke and then Naruto. Gaara and 1 tails vs Naruto and toad boss. ;3

GunningHigh says:

Jesus Christ. Gaaras Voice actor is fucking amazing.

ridingwithsonic says:

anyone else cry at the end when gaara and naruto were talking?

Hellious96 says:

it should have come Rock Lee instead of Naruto, it would be a loot epic

Bryan Ibrahima says:

Naruto: thousand years of death!
Me: *Facepalm* Stupid Kakashi…..

Bryan Ibrahima says:

When Orochimaru was saying “Sasuke will seek me out for power” I was like.. Hell no, that will never happen, sasuke wouldn’t divert to the bad side or abandon everyone to train with a villain but he slowly changed and yeah seems liek I was wrong. ._.

wustard says:

@DwightSmith lol you are. Stupid

Dwight Smith says:

Shut up you guys. Are stupid

Travis Tedford says:

That 2k combo was sick as fuck (x

Ephram Brown says:

This my show I like every episode

Gonzalo Ariel Sotelo says:

If you are asking why I dislike the Sasuke of today, the reason is that he lost everything that made him interesting. He became one dimensional, only taking about revenge and not caring about anything else. He lost all emotion, hell he is always making that emotionless face now. He is not impress, not surprise, not intrigue, not happy, not nothing. It boring, a character without emotion is not interesting to care about, and that is obviously what kishimoto had been trying to do in Shippuden.

walther neff says:

ughhh the english hurtssssss

Jayvee Valenzuela says:

Yahimaru looks like a girl but he’s a boy awkward

kolombo kolombo says:

and why does i make you now??

zedrick diaz says:


Ace Larsen says:

He is still awesome ;D

Zeusvip1337 says:

Fuck sakura useless bitch

JP Averilla says:


kye williams says:

gara was so cute he tried to help but the called him a freake like narruto y r they mean i felt sad for him

Dean Bulatao says:

Gaara was always my favorite

TheAwesomeJack11 says:


Yellzii Williams says:

Remember when Sasuke was like this. The memories…

Al Jade Palaran says:

To people who said you need kurama(kyuubi) chackra to turn the frog into the fox, well, you’re wrong. You just need to know the transformation jutsu.

claudette norville says:

so true saskue is so evil now

ThankYeezus says:


shiphotel2 says:

that feeling when you suddenly remember that you used to like saskue

moonsmonsters says:

in the manga its just a regular fox but anime doesnt always follow

moonsmonsters says:

yeah this sasuke was pretty cool

DeNiro Davis says:

Shukaku is my wallpaper

Zakaria Ahmed says:

te gek

monique anderson says:

Favorite part was when the fox appeared

Denz760 says:

There’s Hidan. He was enough.

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