Sasuke & Naruto vs. Gaara | Full Fight (English Dub) | Naruto Shippuden Videos

Sasuke & Naruto vs. Gaara | Full Fight (English Dub)

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Sasuke and Naruto tag-teaming Gaara :D Naruto vs Gaara | Sasuke vs Gaara | Full Fight | Dubbed.


lundyn howard says:

when that toad was summond,i knew it was about to go down.

iamiller09 says:

Thats what fast-forward is for.

Infrared217 says:

Aint nobody got time fo dat

pokemonmaster160ify says:

Sasuke sounds gay

vVWOWVv says:

God, I thought the old Naruto episodes were better than the new ones. But seriously, this is fucking DEPRESSING! Naruto literally doesn’t know anything other than his Shadow Cone Jutsu

AlexTheHuskyReborn says:

What exactly is Shukaku? Is he a raccoon? A demented fox? Someone fill me in here!

gongmoneey says:

No naruto is not on fire its the 9 tail foxes charkera

VRomo97 says:

Naruto is on fire

TheKarpik5 says:

“Take a high?” :D

Mark D says:

I know the first time we see Gaara transform in Naruto, he’s meant to be scary, but honestly, the expression on his face makes me laugh…

ishicey sy says:

ayaw mog tagalog tagalog bisaya baya mo

Sparkling Lemon says:

I feel so sad for Gaara!

deividazr says:

Naruto and Gaara one of the strongest fighters!! Its.good that gaara get naruto point why naruto is so strong. And gaara apologise naruto!!!

alexfelton11 says:

Bgm at 3:27 someone please help I been looking for years

scass1100 says:

It always kinda bugged me that they just kinda turned shukaku into a bijuu while they explain that he is some kind of evil spirit.

TurpentineTimes says:

Why not both? ^^

TaylorDjetx says:

My favorite episode

Darkmoone1 says:

My god man even these Flashbacks have flashbacks!

Ihikera says:

Yashamaru was fuckin asshole

TigOlBitties77 says:

Damn this is sad. Poor Gaara.

Adam Abu saleh says:

Those times when we finish an episode and move to the next one because we just couldn’t wait!! miss those days

Antonío Relámpago says:

I learned english because it was readily available for learning and i learned fast. I am having a very hard time learning japanese. If there is one thing I prefer about the japanese dub is the voice actors really do a good job and the lips match up haha. The english dub is just easier to listen to for plot points when I’m doing homework. It is better to read english subs instead of waiting months to years for something to be later dubbed or never dubbed.

juliosan20 says:

People can say what they want about dubbed, but i think the guy who voiced gaara did an amazing job

apocalypse369 says:

looking back the english dub is a abomination

The4CoolKid says:

Oh… thx ^_^

SNSDSONE26 says:


scribble71891 says:

yup another similarity he has with naruto =D

Zachary Essamuah says:

Sure, but if he wouldn’t kill me if i didn’t call him for a week that would be great

Zack79xX says:

Thumbs up if you would’ve been friends with garrra as a kid if

Vilemouse T says:

Then go to a english sub video

Richard Váňa says:

I think it’s Kekkei Genkai because his father could use sand too so maybe he can use earth + wind together

TechnoScreamoFan says:

I believe he meant “Poor Gaara, all he needed was a hug and maybe he wouldn’t be psycho.”

TechnoScreamoFan says:

Well considering the village hidden in the sand is guarded by a sandstorm. And the fact that Temari is a wind master makes perfect sense that he would know wind jutsu’s. Hell Naruto end’s up learning wind jutsu’s.

TechnoScreamoFan says:

There are still some fights that are no longer on Youtube that I want to watch again that is. Neji vs Hinata, Chouji vs Jiroubou, Kiba vs Sakon, Deidara vs Gaara, Sakura vs Sasori(the only time where Sakura was awesome), and few others. Anyone help me out?

noodlefluff says:

At about 2:23, what’s that music called? I got all three soundtracks but it’s not on it

TheTailsMilesFox says:

90% Flashbacks 10% Fighting

TheTailsMilesFox says:

1:53 Beat it beat it beat it beat it!

silentkiller9000 says:

his power over sand isn’t a style his chakra allows him to control snad

LazyYes says:

It might just be the writers who were careless (probably) but it wouldn’t be that strange if he uses both wind and earth as elements. I mean Saskue got both lightning and fire at the same age. And for some reason it would make alot sense if Gaara could use wind since he’s from the wind country o.o

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